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Feb 15, 2023 has secured a €700k pre-seed round co-led by Vendep Capital and Crowberry Capital, with the support of angel investor Kristo Ovaska (co-founder of


“If you come from the finance industry or have been involved in executing M&A, I don’t need to explain to you that inefficiencies exist in the sector. We are delighted to have closed the funding round with some great partners, providing us valuable insights and early resources for expanding the core team building the simplest possible solution for tackling the real problems and wasted potential present in the sector.

With the solution designed by industry insiders, firms will finally be allowed to upgrade the manual work and non-purpose built tools used to the modern digitalised age we live in.” – says Heini Salonen, CEO of



The company’s first funding round comes from Vendep Capital (Finnish B2B SaaS Specialist), Crowberry Capital (active early stage tech investor from Iceland) as well as experienced founder and angel investor Kristo Ovaska. Each partner brings complementary skills to the table to support the company’s growth.

“Heini and Matthew bring a unique combination of industry expertise and a drive for innovation. Their goal to streamline complex projects and transactions in finance has the potential to bring significant change to the sector. We are excited to support and see the result the future brings,” says Sakari Pihlava, General Partner at Vendep Capital.

“Crowberry is pleased to co-lead this round with Vendep. We are excited to have the opportunity to invest in a Finnish based team with a global experience and in-depth understanding of how to improve efficiency and transparency in financial transactions.” adds Helga Valfells, Founding and Managing Partner of Crowberry Capital.



The company believes there are a number of market tailwinds, which is well positioned to take advantage of.

“Despite the rise of the technology-enhanced workplace, certain sectors seem to have primarily maintained their old ways of working. By leveraging the latest cloud, cyber security and machine learning technologies, along with a seamless user experience, will allow professionals to spend more time adding value rather than focusing on the re-creation of work and process.” says Matthew Jones, CTO of

“Digitalised project management, progress tracking, audit trails, and smart re-use of all types of data should be top of mind for all firms wanting to stay competitive and scale their businesses in this market.” – adds Heini Salonen.

For more information:

Heini Salonen

CEO, Co-Founder


Vendep Capital:

Janiina Kauppinen

Platform and Marketing Director



ABOUT KICKER.CLOUD provides end-to-end project management software for complex projects, such as M&A and private investments. Covering target tracking, project execution, and value creation / integration, the platform helps users improve efficiency, reduce operational risk, and drive scalable operations within organisations. All data is integrated, allowing companies to take their data re-usage, automation, and analytics to the next level for enhanced insights and decision making.

The solution is tailored to private finance market participants, with applications far beyond.



Announcements | Portfolio Updates

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