• We invest in founders that build amazing SaaS companies

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    We invest in 4-5 pre-Series A companies per year. Ideally, we join forces when you have €30k+ in MRR.


    We are OK if you are just figuring out how to scale. However, we do require validation for your product and market from your customers.


    We often co-invest but we don't initially require syndication. As you grow, we expect syndicated rounds to be built with great SaaS VCs in the market where you scale. Typically, the United States or the key European tech hubs like in London, Berlin and Amsterdam.


    We invest from a fresh 30M euro fund. Our initial investments are between 500k and 1M euro.

    Smart financial search engine

    The fastest viral content discovery for publishers

    Online sales platform - chat and analytics

    Turns your website visitors into quality sales leads

    Patient centric healthcare solutions

    We secure your identity and payments

    State-of-the-art product personalization

    Measures customer experiences

    Plan and visualize new interiors

    Act on facts - retail analytics

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    Sakari Pihlava

    General Partner

    +358 40 771 3941

    Jupe Arala

    General Partner

    +358 40 564 9730

    Hannu Kytölä

    General Partner

    +358 50 544 7162

  • We are hiring - Associate / Investment Professional

    Vendep Capital is based in Helsinki. We invests in the brightest early-stage software startups mainly in Finland and also in Europe. We are looking for a smart and enthusiastic go-getter who is ready to become a instrumental member of our team. You will be hunting for the the next startup gems in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

    As our new Associate you will be working on

    • Helping us find the next Finncorns by assessing investment leads and by actively sourcing new deals
    • Evaluating investment opportunities by diving into startups's product evaluaations, market analyses, competition, financial and business models and other areas of due diligence
    • Working and helping our portfolio companies in any conceivable way
    • Building relationships with various stakeholders in the ecosystem
    • <Fill your own> (We are a small team, so you will be expected to help in everything with plenty of space to develop your skills in the trade)

    You are probably the right candidate if you nod to most of the points below:

    • You have an entrepreneurial mindset and passion for startups
    • You have at least 1-2 years of experience within the startup ecosystem (be it in a startup or on the investment side)
    • You have excellent communication skills; written, over-the-phone, spoken, tweets, post-it-notes... 
    • Besides being a true multi-tasker with strong self organisation and task prioritisation skills, there is a a bit of a geek in you that loves to get into the weeds on specific topics
    • You’re fluent in Finnish and English, further language skills are a plus

    If you think that you are the one that we are looking for:

    • Send us your CV and/or other information that you think might be useful

    • Tell us about two startups that you think could be a good fit for our fund and why you believe so. If you’re not aware of any great new startups at the moment you can also tell us about two of your favorite companies that we have missed the boat on and that we should have invested in.

    ...and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Jupe.

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