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  • Startup Fund

    Smart financial search engine

    The fastest viral content discovery for publishers

    Online sales platform - chat and analytics

    Turns your website visitors into quality sales leads

    Patient centric healthcare solutions

    We secure your identity and payments

    State-of-the-art product personalization

    Measures customer experiences

    Plan and visualize new interiors

    Act on facts - retail analytics

  • Accelerator

    Impressive digital publications quickly

    Communicaton platform for sales

    The fastest viral content discovery for publishers


    Advocate campaign solutions

    The food journal that talks back

    We secure your identity and payments

    Lean management with visual action boards

    Social media marketing

    Augmented reality for marketing campaigns

    Smart interactive marketplace for commercial real estate

    Publish and manage content on tablets

    Act on facts - retail analytics

  • What We Do

    Startup Fund

    The Fund will invest in a maximum of 15 startups that have early revenue as proof of market validation. Our strategy is to invest in business-to-business companies, which have a high-growth international opportunity and a committed team. We look for market traction and competitive advantages which enable a strong market position.


    So far we have invested in 10 companies. Most of them have entered into Tekes' Young Innovative Companies (NIY) program. The fund co-invests with the NIY program and its milestones.


    Size of the fund is 5 million euros and investors are primarily private individuals and Tekes Venture Capital. The maximum size of investment into a single company is 500 000 euros. The investments we have done so far have always been done as a part of syndicated rounds. The rounds have ranged between 500 000 to 2 500 000 euro.

    Startup Accelerator

    We provide startups with hands-on experience in innovative web-based services to achieve rapid growth and success internationally. Together with the entrepreneurs we develop business models for products and services, acquire new customers and raise funding during an acceleration period of 6 to 24 months. Our portfolio consists of companies both in Finland and in Silicon Valley.



    The acceleration period focuses on actions that can make your product or service grow and internationalize faster. Our network in Finland and the Silicon Valley will work side by side with the entrepreneurs typically assisting in recruiting key personnel and raising further funding rounds.


    The acceleration model is always tailored to fit the needs of your startup. We have wealth of hands-on experience in product development online marketing, customer acquisition and fund raising. 



  • Who We Are

    Sakari Pihlava

    General Partner, Helsinki

    Sakari has worked in Boston, Massachusetts and Munich, Germany as a member of TVM Capital’s ICT investment team. Sakari began his career at F-Secure, where he led the creation of F-Secure’s new product lines and the transformation of the products into “security as a service”. Sakari was a member of the management team that led F-Secure’s IPO in 1999. Sakari came to Vendep from Efecte, where he was responsible for the European Channel and Products.

    Jupe Arala

    General Partner, Helsinki

    Jupe has been an entrepreneur since 2002. He advises and assists our portfolio companies in the Silicon Valley. Jupe's core areas of expertise are web business models and social media. Jupe has launched more than ten online services, including the equipment rental service iRent and Koulukaverit.com, a website he founded to help old school friends keep in touch.

    Hannu Kytölä

    General Partner, Helsinki

    Hannu worked for Reuters and Nokia in the Baltics and the Nordic region before becoming an entrepreneur in 2000. He has since co-founded and run several startup companies, the most widely known of which is Nettiauto.com, a used car classified site launched in 2001 and successfully sold to a major Finnish media house, Otavamedia, in 2006. Hannu is an angel investor with a portfolio of investments in the Nordics and the United States.

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    Sakari Pihlava, General Partner, +358 40 771 3941

    Jupe Arala, General Partner, +358 40 564 9730
    Hannu Kytölä, General Partner, +358 50 544 7162
    Stiina Laine, Communications Manager, +358 50 590 4717

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