• We invest in founders that build amazing SaaS companies

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    We invest in 4-5 pre-Series A companies per year. Ideally, we join forces when you have €30k+ in MRR.


    We are OK if you are just figuring out how to scale. However, we do require validation for your product and market from your customers.


    We often co-invest but we don't initially require syndication. As you grow, we expect syndicated rounds to be built with great SaaS VCs in the market where you scale. Typically, the United States or the key European tech hubs like in London, Berlin and Amsterdam.


    We invest from a fresh 32M euro fund. Our initial investments are between 500k and 1M euro.

    Smart financial search engine

    Networking for events, conferences and livestreams.

    The fastest viral content discovery for publishers

    Online sales platform - chat and analytics

    Turns your website visitors into quality sales leads

    Patient centric healthcare solutions

    EXIT 2017 – Inside Secure (Euronext Paris: INSD)

    State-of-the-art product personalization

    Measures customer experiences

    Plan and visualize new interiors

    Act on facts - retail analytics

  • Investment Team

    Sakari Pihlava

    General Partner

    +358 40 771 3941

    Jupe Arala

    General Partner

    +358 40 564 9730

    Hannu Kytölä

    General Partner

    +358 50 544 7162

    Timo Felin


    +358 50 542 8058

    Jakob Sandell

    Project Manager

    +358 400 157 604

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