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Zoined raises half a million euros for expansion in UK market

Zoined Oy has successfully concluded a funding round worth 500,000 EUR. The capital raised
from private investors will be used for expanding the business in UK. Zoined has already set
up a company Zoined UK Limited and is expecting fast growth in the market.

“At Vendep, we are convinced that Zoined brings more value to retail chains and stores than
any other existing analytics solution that we've seen”, says Vendep Startup Fund’s Founding
Partner Sakari Pihlava, one of the investors. “We were excited to get the chance to lead this
round and look forward to working with the Zoined team to build a category leading

Zoined offers Retail and Hospitality Analytics as a cloud based service. The service collects
data from stores and venues with Point-of-Sale (PoS) data being the main source. Data is
collected also from time and attendance and visitor tracking systems as well as webstores.
The data is analysed and presented in a very accessible, visual format. Zoined is an off-theshelf
solution with ready-made dashboards and analytics for retail and wholesale, especially
for specialty retail, fashion, food retail, coffee shops and restaurants needs.
More information:
Atte Roine, CEO, +358 40 581 1141,
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