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Vendep Startup Fund's Pitching and Coaching Event B2B Camp Well Received by Startups

Vendep Startup Fund’s first pitching and coaching day B2B Camp gathered together 14 promising startups already generating sales and having excellent opportunities to become international successes especially in Scandinavia, Europe and the US. The participants in the event were selected from approximately 50 applicants. The winner of the pitching competition was Aava Software offering a cloud-based business application platform.

During the event the startups had an opportunity to network with each other and investors, as well as receive private coaching in questions varying from entering the international market to legal matters by seasoned business leaders. The coaches were Artti Aurasmaa, CEO of Stella Kotipalvelut and former CEO of 3 Step IT, Jukka Kotovirta, founding partner of Gearshift Group, Olli Oksman, partner at Kalliolaw, and Sakari Suhonen, CEO of Efecte.

"It was great to see so many companies sharing experiences with each other and getting valuable coaching advice. I am convinced that the feedback by the pitching judges proves also useful for all the entrepreneurs. The key message was that they need to be more active in finding and experimenting with indirect sales models to become real success stories and to grow into IPO prospects one day. Too many startups do direct sales in Finland only, and lack a plan for a model that scales well,” Vendep CEO Sakari Pihlava says.

B2B Camp participants were:
• Aava Software - next generation cloud-based business application platform
• Cemron - digital dashboards
• Clouddriven – solutions for performance management and employee collaboration
• Delta Cygni Labs - remote pointing for service and maintenance professionals
• Edocker - The best digital reading experience for less
• EnterPay - invoicing for b2b online stores
• Experq - harnessing customer experience for better business
• Exquance Software - property investment software for professionals
• EzyInsight – social media analytics made easy
• Koho Sales - invoicing process and routines automation
• Pilvi Cloud Shop - fastest way to start selling cloud services
• Roidu - content platform for publishing and managing content using tablets
• Showell - tools for better sales engagement
• Zoined - actionable analytics for retailers

The B2B Camp received very positive feedback from the startups, and the next pitching and coaching event will be organized in autumn 2015. This event will be targeted to 15-20 startups with focus on strong international growth.

Further information
Sakari Pihlava
, CEO, Vendep Oy, +358 40 771 3941,

Vendep Startup Fund in brief
Vendep Startup Fund invests in startups building web-based and mobile services for B2B customers and aiming for strong international growth. Founded in September 2013, the EUR 5 million capital in the fund has been raised from Finnish private investors and Tekes Venture Capital. The fund may make investments alone or as part of a syndicate. The maximum size of an investment in a single company is EUR 500,000.

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