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Vendep rewards the best growth plan with tickets to the Silicon Valley

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Vendep Startup Fund’s second pitching event will be organized as lunch sessions every Monday - Wednesday - Friday during the next six weeks. The aim is to exchange learnings and discuss ambitious growth plans with promising early-stage companies with revenue and excellent opportunities to become international successes especially in Europe and the US. The participants will be selected from open applications. The only requirements are that the companies fall within the investment strategy of Vendep's Startup Fund I and that they have revenue validation for their product or services. Please apply here

The best growth plan will be rewarded with tickets to the Silicon Valley and meetings with entrepreneurs, investors and advisors from Vendep's network. 

"I am looking forward to meeting 15-20 early-stage companies which are looking to become a category leader during the next 5 years. Strong growth plans require smart hypothesis to be set for the market and the go-to-market model. Convincing proof and validation are key for finding investors and customers willing to invest millions of euros into an early-stage company. We are looking to share what we have learned about growth and looking forward to finding the best growth plan to reward from this event,” Vendep CEO Sakari Pihlava says.

The event will be organized between the 15th of September and 30th of October. The best growth plan will be announced 2nd of November, 2015 and awarded with a ticket to the Silicon Valley. This event targets 15-20 early-stage companies with focus on strong international growth and 500.000 euro or more revenue for early market validation.

Further information
Sakari Pihlava
, CEO, Vendep Oy, +358 40 771 3941,

Vendep Startup Fund in brief
Vendep Startup Fund invests in startups building web-based and mobile services for B2B customers and aiming for strong international growth. Founded in September 2013, the EUR 5 million capital in the fund has been raised from Finnish private investors and Tekes Venture Capital. The fund always makes investments as part of a syndicate. Typical syndicated round size is 500.000 to 2.500.000 euro.

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