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Vendep Accelerates Roidu's Growth

Roidu has developed a software service platform for publishing and controlling data collection or any other desired content on tablets. Roidu enables smart and continuous content distribution with tablets as closed multimedia terminals in online networks. During Vendep’s acceleration period Roidu has already successfully passed the Tekes program for planning global growth and has recently been accepted in the Tekes Young Innovative Company program (NIY). 

Roidu cloud service takes total control of the tablets located in customers’ premises, which enables fast and efficient updates of the surveys and other contents simultaneously at all locations. Roidu’s clients are typically large companies looking for cost effective ways to run customer experience surveys or collect sales leads in stores. Roidu’s platform is being used by several large Finnish and Nordic companies, such as the Finnish national alcohol retailing monopoly Alko, Nordea Bank, ABB, corporate housing investor Sato, and the telecommunications company DNA. 

“With Roidu customers can use tablets as multimedia terminals and collect any desired business critical data at the point-of-purchase. Roidu has turned content distribution and data collection with networked tablets into a profitable service. Many large companies in Finland already use Roidu, and we have also a few customers abroad. With Vendep we are now accelerating growth and internationalization,” says Arttu Viitanen, CEO of Roidu.

“Roidu’s cloud service is flexible and easy to use, and it offers an efficient tool for carrying out customer surveys and publishing versatile content on tablets. We have been working closely with the entrepreneurs to develop their business model and prepared the company for their international expansion. During 2014, our goal is to continue on the growth path and to find new cooperation partners especially in the Nordic countries,” says Sakari Pihlava, CEO of Vendep.

Further information

Sakari Pihlava, CEO, Vendep Oy, +358 40 771 3941,

Arttu Viitanen, CEO, Roidu Ltd., + 358 50 545 9598,

Vendep in brief

Vendep is a startup accelerator and a seed investor. We provide startups with hands-on experience in innovative web-based services to achieve rapid growth and success internationally. Together with the entrepreneurs we develop business models for products and services, acquire new customers and raise funding during an acceleration period of 6 to 24 months. Our portfolio consists of companies both in Finland and in Silicon

Roidu in brief

Roidu is a Finnish software company specializing in developing and offering software solutions for data collection and content distribution on tablets.

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