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The most worthwhile events for Nordic B2B SaaS companies?

So many events. So little time. Where's the ROI?

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There's a plethora of events out there for each conceivable niche nowadays. Picking the right ones to attend that give the most return on your investment of time and money is a tough task. So, to help you out, we set out to do the work on the upcoming events in 2018.

Saastock OnTour (Helsinki)

The facts

Attendees 200

Countries 15

Speakers 15

VCs 20+

Timing May 23-24

Tickets from 299€ (Get yours for free!)

For the first time ever, SaaStock will do a global series of events aimed at SaaS founders, executives and investors. 12 event cities have been picked with Helsinki as the main stop in the Nordics. We expect a lot of the same energy present as in the main event in Dublin (see below) but with a Nordic twist. The speaker line-up is impressive already with Marta Sjögren, the newest partner at Northzone, David Cancel from Drift, Olli Nokso-Koivisto from LeadDesk and Steli Efti from to name a few.

What to look forward to: Intimate setting for sharing the secret sauces of some of the top Nordic SaaS successes.

Arctic15 "Real return on investment" (Helsinki)

The facts

Attendees 1700

Countries 25

Speakers 50

Investors 300

Timing May 30-31

Tickets from 349€ (Get yours for free!)

Since 2011 Arctic15 has been consistent in delivering its core value: a tightly packaged 2 days of great matchmaking which leads to real deals between the participants. The most impressive feature of A15 has always been the serendipitous encounters on the corridors, at lunch, after parties and, quite frankly, in every nook and cranny of the event itself. Because the event itself is conveniently sized, you're bound to run into useful contacts, new and old. That is the meat, salt and pepper of any proper startup event.

What to look forward to: The food... uhum... the great conversations over the great lunches. Also, Gary Vaynerchuck will undoubtedly bring a spotlight to the event this year.

The facts

Attendees 1000

Countries 20

Speakers 20

Investors 70

Timing June 15th

Tickets starting from 299$ (Get yours for free!)

SaaStr Annual has become the hallmark of SaaS events in the US so it's about time the event made its way across the Atlantic. If the mother is anything to go by, this virgin event will have a lot to offer for the later stage SaaS companies looking to catch up on best practices and get the playbook of the most experienced SaaS founders. Expect to hear from the likes of Jason Lemkin and Aaron Ross along with the Niklas Zennström and other experienced founders.

What to look forward to: Cathartic atmosphere with personal founder stories on failing and learning from the mistakes made along the way.

SaaStock (Dublin)

The facts

Attendees 3000

Companies 1000

Speakers 100

Investors 200

Timing Oct 16-17

Tickets starting from 999€ (Get yours for free!)

In only three years, SaaStock has arguably become the most relevant B2B SaaS focused event in Europe. The relevance of the event is through the roof with the attendees being the who's who on the European (and global) SaaS list of founders, execs and investors. The topics will be on point with presentations on sales, marketing, customer success, hiring, scaling etc - the most relevant issues in growing a SaaS business.

What to look forward to: David Skok is always on point with his machine gun style of presenting. Get your seat early, the stage will be packed!

Slush (Helsinki)

The facts

Attendees 20000

Countries 130

Side events 300

Investors 400

Timing Dec 4-5

Tickets starting from around 400€ (Get yours for free!)

This spunky startup event has grown from tiny beginnings to a massive fest but the attitude has stayed the same. Rolling superstar founders, investors and celebrities one after the other on to the stages to the tune of thousands of lasers and smokescreens - the sheer production is a globally unrivaled spectacle among startup events. While the event is a must for any Nordic SaaS founder, the true value can be found in the 1-on-1 meetings and the side and evening events. Working your way to the right party will pay off handsomely as you find the right investors, team members and media connections.

What to look forward to: Luck favors the bold when you get your inner Sherlock to find and get into the most valuable side events for your needs. Do your research before the event to get on the RSVP lists.

Disclosure: Since we talked to all of these event organisers for this blog, we we're able to get a few tickets from each and set up a short survey to find out the state of the SaaS business in Finland. Get access to the survey at and get a chance for tickets to the best SaaS events in 2018.

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