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Sumoware Receives Investment from Vendep Startup Fund for Strengthening International Presence

Sumoware is a Finnish startup providing B2B customers with state of the art web-based tools for advanced product customization. Founded in 2014, Sumoware’s software is based on technology that has been evolving for several years and is being used by numerous industrial customers worldwide. The investment made by Vendep Startup Fund will be used to further accelerate Sumoware’s international growth and strengthen its sales and business development team.


Sumoware’s easy to use software allows cost effective customization and personalization of individual products. Sumoware’s customers offer their customers marking and patterning devices based on laser and other printing technologies that can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, such as steel, paper, fabric, plastic etc. Among Sumoware’s customers and partners are Google, Rovio and Cajo Technologies.


"We started by offering cloud-based creative apps for consumer market, but soon realized that there are thousands of companies that wanted to have their existing products customized with online tools and apps. Our technology was perfect for that. For example Cajo Technologies uses our software in their laser printers enabling their clients to create exciting and colourful patterns on virtually any surface,” says Lauri Koutaniemi, founder of Sumoware.


”Sumoware has a strong entrepreneurial team, a proven technology platform, and their customer base is already truly international. Furthermore, they operate on a growing and interesting market, which significantly increases their possibilities to grow profitably,” Vendep’s Senior Partner Jupe Arala says.


Further information
Lauri Koutaniemi, Founder, Sumoware, +358 50 462 9906,
Jupe Arala, Senior Partner, Vendep Oy, +358 40 564 9730,


Sumoware in brief
Sumoware is a Finnish software house, developing cloud based apps that work on a web browser, without a need to install anything. Sumoware's consumer market product Sumo Paint ( has over 30 million users worldwide.


Vendep Startup Fund in brief
Vendep Startup Fund invests in startups building web-based and mobile services for B2B customers and aiming for strong international growth. Founded in September 2013, the EUR 5 million capital in the fund has been raised from Finnish private investors and Tekes Venture Capital. The fund may make investments alone or as part of a syndicate. The maximum size of an investment in a single company is EUR 500,000.

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