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New Funding Boosts Marketing Of Mobile Food Journal In The USA

Already hundreds of healthcare and wellness professionals use MealTracker in their work

Wellness Foundry, a Finnish technology company that offers mobile health services, has completed a financing round that will significantly boost the company's internationalization. Wellness Foundry attracted a total of more than EUR 600,000 in new investments. Half of the sum is from private investors and the other half from Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation. Wellness Foundry is taking part in the latter’s NIY program for young innovative companies.

Wellness Foundry has developed the MealTracker service, an internet-based visual food and exercise journal that is designed to optimize lifestyles. The interactive service utilizes pictures of meals taken with a digital camera or cell phone, allowing a nutrition specialist to guide the user towards a healthier diet or fitness goal.

MealTracker was launched to healthcare professionals in Finland and the USA in 2010. Already hundreds of healthcare and wellness professionals in both the public and private sectors use MealTracker to monitor the diets of their patients, for example when treating obesity and diabetes. The service is also suitable for sports and fitness nutrition counseling. In the USA the service is marketed under the name MealLogger.

“Mobile health and nutrition counseling has enormous potential. Dietary intake plays a major role in the treatment of many lifestyle-related illnesses, and MealTracker is a tool that offers a wide range of opportunities for treating obesity, cardiovascular ailments and diabetes, for example,” says Michael Quarshie, CEO of Wellness Foundry.

The experiences of MealTracker users and research demonstrate that taking photos of meals makes users pay more attention to what they are eating. Individual guidance and encouragement make changes in lifestyle rewarding and help maintain motivation.

One of the new investors in MealTracker is the start-up accelerator Vendep, which is providing its software development resources to further improve the interactive features of the service and to develop iPhone, Android and other mobile applications.

“MealTracker is a fine example of an innovative business idea that successfully harnesses the continuously growing popularity of mobile services. We believe that Vendep’s network of partners in the USA will further increase the MealLogger service’s chances of success in the US market,” says Sakari Pihlava, CEO of Vendep.

Further information:

Wellness Foundry, Michael Quarshie, t. +358 (0)50 327 8883,
Vendep Oy, Sakari Pihlava, +358 (0)40 771 3941,

Wellness Foundry Holding Oy a Finnish technology company that has developed the MealTracker food journal. Pictures of meals can be sent by computer or a mobile application to the user’s MealTracker account, allowing a nutrition specialist to provide feedback and guidance. The service is used already by hundreds of professionals. The company is taking part in a Tekes project for young innovative companies, and its aim is to achieve a significant position in the nutrition and lifestyle counseling market in the USA.
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